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Curevelist is an amphoteric ion polymer with an amino group and carboxyl group in the side chain. It adsorbs to the surface of the damaged stratum corneum and shows a focused moisturizing effect.

  • Amino acid derivatives with high biological affinity
  • It is expected to have a selective adsorption action on damaged sites and has a significant advantage of maintaining effects in prevention of decline in barrier function for a long time.
  • Due to its strong adsorptive property, it does not easily come off from the stratum corneum even in the presence of sebum and sweat or when washed, etc.
  • It is expected to be an excellent cosmetic material because it is highly hygroscopic and moisturizing and has a moisture transpiration suppressive action.
Product name (abbreviation) Curevelist
Display name Polymethacryloyl Lysine
INCI (International Cosmetic Ingredient name) Polymethacryloyl Lysine
Chinese INCI 聚甲基丙烯酰基赖氨酸

Adsorption to damaged stratum corneum

Curevelist, which is an amphoteric ion, adsorbs more to the stratum corneum with various damages compared to various polymer type moisturizers.

Adsorption to damaged stratum corneum

Hygroscopicity/water retention

The hygroscopicity of Curevelist is equivalent to that of hyaluronic acid and 1,3-BG, and the water retention is superior to that of 1,3-BG and hyaluronic acid, etc.

Hygroscopicity/water retention

Skin barrier function

In SDS damage models, it was confirmed that this product suppressed an increase of transepidermal water loss (TEWL) of rough skin, increased the stratum corneum cell area, and improved the skin condition.

Effectiveness evaluation (human test)

Effectiveness evaluation (human test) * A lotion containing 1% of Curevelist was used for 1 month. TEWL values in the cheek and changes in the cell area in the stratum corneum before and after use are shown.

Efficacy for hair

The residual amount of each polymer was high for damaged treated hair, and among them, Curevelist showed a high residual rate.
In SEM photographic observation, the surface condition was homogenized after treatment with Curevelist, and high effects as a hair-protecting (repairing) agent were observed.

Hair persistence test

Hair persistence test

SEM photograph after Curevelist treatment

SEM photograph after Curevelist treatment

Physical characteristics

Appearance White powder
Solubilities water : soluble.
Acetone,methanol : practically insoluble, or insoluble.
Storage condition Room temperature


  • 1kg、10kg

Related laws and regulations

TSCA Not Listed
EINECS Not Listed
REACH Not Listed
Safety data Single-dose toxicity test: Negative
Skin sensitization test: Negative
Primary skin irritation test: Negative
Eye irritation test: Negative
Continuous skin irritation test: Negative
Mutagenicity test: Negative
Human patch: Negative
Phototoxicity and photosensitization tests are not performed because it is not absorbable.
※This raw material can be used as an excipient in quasi-pharmaceutical products.