Polymer-related chemicals

Photo cationic initiators(WPI series)

Photo cationic initiators are chemical compounds that generate acids when they are exposed to UV radiation. Different WPI products generate different types of acids, which can be used for various polymerization reactions; such as epoxy cure. Iodonium-type cationic initiators, which have long-chain alkyl substituents, have high compatibility with resins and low toxicity. Iodonium salts have high photolysis rates. In addition, adding a sensitizer can make the improve sensitivity and accommodate a longer wavelength.

Mechanism of photo decomposition reaction (Acid generation mechanism) Mechanism of photo decomposition reaction


CAS RN® : 477602-76-9

  • Generates HPF6
  • Does not include harmful heavy metals.
  • Hardly colors at the time of epoxy curing.
Structural formula of WPI-113 View


CAS RN® : 1360895-51-7

  • Since it generates hexafluoroantimonic acid, it shows high curing performance with a small amount of addition.
  • Shows higher curing performance in the WPI series.
Structural formula of WPI-116 View


CAS RN® : 61358-25-6

  • Generates HPF6
  • Does not include harmful heavy metals.
  • It hardly colored cured material.
  • Since it is powder, accurate weighing is possible, it is suitable for curing system without solvent.
Structural formula of WPI-170 View


CAS RN® : 210290-42-9

  • Since it does not include heavy metals such as antimony, the toxicity is reduced.
  • Has a high curing performance similar to that of WPI-116.
  • There is no risk of HF generation due to the effect of moisture, therefore, no metal corrosion is expected.
Structural formula of WPI-124 View