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(Long-lasting humectant)

Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic products

Long-lasting humectants comparable to hyaluronic acid. Suitable for use in a wide range of nonionic formulations. Excellent emulsifying ability.

  • Long-lasting humectant
  • Flexibility and smoothness
  • Easy to formulate (nonionic)
Product name (abbreviation) Evemoist
INCI (International Cosmetic Ingredient name) Poly(Methoxy PEG-9 Methacrylate)

Moisture retention evaluation

Evemoist showed as Long-lasting moisture retention as that of HA.

耐塩増粘剤 (ソルトレラ) j.Soc.Cosmet.Chem.Jpn. Vol.48,No.3 2014

Stickiness evaluation

The peeling force and stickiness of CVP, HA and XG increased with time. On the other hand, the peeling force of Evemoist was smaller than that of other cosmetic raw materials, and no change was observed with time.

耐塩増粘剤 (ソルトレラ) j.Soc.Cosmet.Chem.Jpn. Vol.48,No.3 2014

Observation of the state of film formation by microscope

CVP, HA, and XG were white and uneven on the surface, which was not observed in Evemoist.
It was found that Evemoist forms a highly flexible film without causing cracks even when applied to an uneven surface such as skin and left to dry.

耐塩増粘剤 (ソルトレラ) j.Soc.Cosmet.Chem.Jpn. Vol.48,No.3 2014

Physical characteristics

CAS RN® 87105-87-1
Appearance Colorless viscous liquid (30% BG solution, 50% water)
Solubilities water , acetone , tetrahydrofuran : soluble
hexane : insoluble
Storage condition Store away from sunlight in the refrigerator (lower than 10 °C = 50°F)


  • 1kg、10kg

Related laws and regulations

TSCA Not Listed
EINECS Not Listed
REACH Not Listed
Acute toxicity(LD50 LD50>2,000mg/kg
Safety data Data available