Photo cationic initiators


Cas : 1360895-51-7(contains 8% acetonitril)

Physical characteristics


  • Since it generates hexafluoroantimonic acid, it shows high curing performance with a small amount of addition.
  • Shows higher curing performance in the WPI series.
Molecular formula
Chemical name Bis[a-n-alkyl(C10~13)phenyl]iodonium Hexafluoroantimonate
CAS RN® 1360895-51-7
Molecular weight 1240.68(n=10) - 1324.84(n=13)

Physical characteristics

Color light brown - reddish brown clear
Appearance liquid
Melting point/freezing point No data available
Solubilities water : insoluble.
ethanol,acetone : miscible.


Absorption spectrum of WPI-116
※When used in combination with a sensitizer, it shows photosensitivity even in the long wavelength region.


PGMEA >50%
Ethyl acetate >50%
Acetone >50%
Methanol >50%
H2O Insoluble

[Unit: : w.t/100mL,20℃]※These are values of single unit of compound, but not those in a solution state.

Related laws and regulations

TSCA Not Listed
EINECS Not Listed
REACH Not Listed