Osmium tetraoxide is an important additive agent which converts alkenes into cis-1,2-diol.
On scaling-up the synthetic process, its toxicity and waste liquid become the problems. We have succeeded in producing the products safely and effectively by controlling highly toxic osmium strictly.

Osmium oxidation reaction

On the synthesis of medicines or intermediates of natural materials, the process producing
cis-1,2-diol from alkenes is generally used.
Especially, the reaction with osmium tetraoxide is frequently used because it proceeds quite mildly and other regents do not react equally.
In addition, asymmetric hydroxylation can be performed by using asymmetric ligand derived from quinine/quinidine together. (Sharpless asymmetric dihydroxylation)

《 Reaction example 》

We can
・diolize safely and effectively by using microencapsulated osmium or metal salt of osmium.
・control/assure the content of osmium in the products by controlling the content of osmium in the process.

《 Example 》
 Scale: 200 ~ 10000LGL reactor
 Condition: -5℃ ~ 30℃

We can perform osmium oxidation safely and effectively.