Functional Monomers for Dental Applications

We supply high purity, high quality raw materials for dental materials, and these products are used by dental material manufacturers in Japan.

Multifunctional higly hydrophilic crosslinkers for dental applications

Multifunctional Highly Hydrophilic Crosslinkers

Fujifilm’s Multifunctional Highly Hydrophilic Crosslinkers will provide high curability to adhesive and/or cement.

1. Improved interfacial peel strength of adhesives

Because of its high hydrophilicity, it has a high affinity for dentin, which is highly hydrophilic.
Our unique monomers ‘FOM’s have both high hydrophilicity and multi-functionality.

2. Improved strength as an adhesive

Since there are four acrylamide groups, the adhesive strength is improved due to three-dimensional cross-linking compared to HEMA.

3. Shortened curing speed

Curing time is shortened compared to methacrylate-based monomers, because it is less susceptible to polymerization inhibition by oxygen. Expected to shorten treatment time.

Highly polymerizable with less polymerization inhibition caused by oxygen compared to the commercial tetrafunctional acrylate “TM-0 (= Pentaerythritol Tetraacrylate)”

Highly polymerizable compared to Pentaerythritol Tetraacrylate

4. High safety

Test ItemsFOM-03006FOM-03009HEMA
LD50 (Oral, rat)>2000 mg/kg>2000 mg/kg>4000 mg/kg
Skin SenstizationNegativeNegativeWeak Sensitization
Skin irritantNoNoSlight
Eye irritantMildMildModerate
GLP Testing

FOM-03006, 03009 has high hydrophilicity equivalent to HEMA and high reactivity. Since this cross-linking agent has a high affinity for hydrophilic dentin, it can be expected to permeate dentinal tubules in the same way as HEMA and obtain a three-dimensional cross-linked hardened material stronger than HEMA. By using it as an additive for dental adhesives and resin cements, it can be expected to improve adhesive strength and shorten curing time.

Chemical properties

ColorWhite or pale yellowWhite or pale yellow
Molecular Weight508.6362.4
Solubility (in water)> 50%< 50%
Chemical Properties

Hydrolysis stability in water

Excellent in hydrolytic resistance in acidic to basic aqueous solutions.

The stability of FOM-03006 in aqueous solution was evaluated (45°C, 2 weeks). As comparative compounds.

hydrolysis stability in acidic condition
hydrolysis stability in acidic condition
hydrolysis stability in alkaline condition
hydrolysis stability in alkaline condition


TM-2:EO modified pentaerythritol tetraacrylate