Polymer-related chemicals

Materials for Water-based Curing

Functional materials developed using Fujifilm's proprietary technology.
These products can be used as a coating agent for various materials and a material for various curable compositions

Water-soluble monomer

The new methacrylamide monomer possesses a functional group capable of exhibiting high hydrophilicity. This monomer displays excellent hydrophilicity, biocompatibility, and stability.


Water-soluble polyfunctional acrylamide monomer

Fujifilm has also developed a trifunctional acrylamide monomer a tetrafunctional acrylamide monomer having higher crosslinkable group density, and a bifunctional acrylamide monomer having excellent solubility, suitable to form flexible membranes.


Special crosslinking agents

A new water-soluble crosslinking agent containing a bifunctional vinyl sulfonyl group, which can be used in various polymerization systems.