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V-601 is a nitrile-free oil-soluble azo polymerization initiator which has similar level of polymerization activity as AIBN. A safer developed as alternative to AIBN, V-601 decomposition results in much less toxic byproducts. As a nitrile-free azo initiator, V-601 displays excellent solubility characteristics in organic solvents. Since the volatility of the decomposition product is higher than that of others, such a product can be removed in the process of polymer manufacturing. Being of non-nitrile type, the polymerized polymers are highly transparent, therefore, semiconductors and LCDs applications are expected.

  • Non-nitrile azo initiator as an alternative to AIBN
  • Freely soluble in various organic solvents, available for high solid coating.
  • With equivalent polymerization activity of AIBN. Efficiency of polymerization rises in alcohol solvents
  • 10 Hour half-life decomposition temperature: 66℃
Chemical name Dimethyl 2,2'-azobis(2-methylpropionate)
CAS RN® 2589-57-3
Molecular weight 230.26

Physical characteristics

slightly yellow or light yellow
crystals or oily liquid
Melting point/freezing point 22-28℃
10hour half-life decomposition temperature 66℃(in toluene)
Activation energy 131.2 kJ/mol K
Frequency factor (ln A) 35.67

water : insoluble.
benzene, ethanol, N,N-dimethylformamide, dioxane, DMSO : freely soluble.
methanol, toluene, chloroform, hexane : soluble

SADT 35℃

*SADT: Self-accelerating decomposition temperature

Packaging & Storage conditions

Packaging 10kg / 500g
Storage conditions keep under 10℃

Related laws and regulations

TSCA Listed under 5e Consent Order
REACH 01-2120807902-57-0000

Volatility of Decomposition Products

The decomposition product of V-601 is characterized by a higher volatility than that of AIBN. Also, the decomposition product of V-601 is azeotropic with water, therefore, thus can be easily removed from the post-reaction system.

  • Boiling point of decomposition product of V-601: 85-90 ℃ (5 mmHg)
  • Azeotropic point of decomposition product of V-601 with water: 90 ℃

On the other hand, the decomposition product of V-40 is hardly volatile, therefore, applications such as paint are expected