Flow from inquiry to commercial manufacturing for pharmaceutical products

The flowchart of custom manufacturing/synthesis is as follows. This flowchart is the only example.

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Integrated value chain from procurement of raw materials to drug application.


Manufacturing achievements for pharmaceutical products

Approved Pharmaceutical Products
APIs:4 (Japanese market)
Starting substances:4 (Japanese market)
Intermediate:1 (FDA approved)

Pharmaceutical Products under the development
Clinical trial of APIs and intermediates: Numerous


  • Proper containment measures are taken prior to manufacturing for substances with infectivity, strong pharmacological effect, or toxicity such as cytotoxic anti-cancer agents.
  • The following substances are not handled at current facilities.
    1. Substances with strong sensitization such as penicillin and cephalosporin
    2. Steroids
    3. Non-pharmaceutical products with strong toxicity such as herbicides and pesticides