Azo polymerization initiators

An azo polymerization initiator is a compound having an azo group (R-N=N-R'), which decomposes with heat and/or light, and forms carbon radical. The formed carbon radical is excellent in reactivity, and progresses polymerization and halogenation reactions of different types of vinyl monomers.


Photo cationic initiators
(WPI series)

Photo cationic initiators are compounds that generate an acid upon UV irradiation. Since various acids derived from anionic sites are generated, they are used for various polymerization reactions such as epoxy curing. We have a lineup of iodonium-type cationic initiators with substituents such as long-chain alkyl groups, which have high compatibility with resins and low volatility of benzene by-produced after photolysis, resulting in low toxicity. In addition, iodonium salts have high photodegradability, and it is possible to improve sensitivity and extend the wavelength by using sensitizers.


Photo base generators

A photo base generator is a compound which generates organic base such as amines upon irradiation of light in the UV range.
The generated organic base accelerates an anionic UV curing of epoxy resin, sol-gel method, etc.


Photo acid generators (WPAG series)

Our photo acid generator product line has proven quality and performance for excimer resist applications with industry leading resist manufactures. We can supply products of varied grades from high grade to multipurpose grade. We also provide custom synthesis of PAGs.


Materials for Water-based curing

A functional material developed using Fujifilm's proprietary technology. It can be used as a coating agent for various materials and a material for various curable compositions.