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Water soluble light radical initiator

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FOM-03011 is an initiator with excellent water solubility developed by using Fujifilm's proprietary technology. The degree of freedom of the addition amount increases for aqueous components, thereby achieving high curability.
In addition, it is liquid and easy to handle, and has low odor, low volatility and excellent storage stability. It is soluble in many organic solvents other than water.

FOM-03011 (undiluted)

Physical characteristics

Form Viscous liquid
Color Pale yellow
Odor None
Melting point <-30%
10% Weight loss temperature 240℃

Related laws and regulations

TSCA Not Listed
EINECS Not Listed
REACH Not Listed

Storage conditions

Storage conditions Keep in a sealed container in a freezer (-20°C), away from direct sunlight


1) Highly water soluble

  • The addition amount can be adjusted because it exhibits a high solubility in water and aqueous components.
  • By increasing the addition amount, an excellent curing performance is achieved.

Solubility in aqueous components

  FOM-03011 Commercial aqueous initiator A
Commercial aqueous initiator B
Water <10% ≦0.2% Insoluble
HEMA 10%≦ 10%≦ 10%≦
Water/HEMA (9/1) <10% <2.5% <1%
Water/Sodium methacrylate (7/3) <10% <1% <1%

※Initiator A:Alkylphenone-based CAS RN®106797-53-9
 Initiator B:Alkylphenone-based CAS RN®947-19-3, 119-61-9 (mixture)

Absorption spectrum (acetonitrile solution)


Solubility in various solvents

Solvent name Solubility at each solid content concentration (weight%)
0.1 0.5 1 5 10
Ethyl acetate
Methyl ethyl ketone
Hexane × - - - -

※Measured at liquid temperature of 30°C *◎: Easily soluble 🞅: Soluble 🞨: Insoluble -: Not measured

2) Liquid

  • FOM-03011 is liquid and easy to handle, and has an excellent workability.
  • The solid does not precipitate, and thus the product can be delivered stably.
  • It is liquid that has a high heat resistance.

3) Low odor/low volatility

  • It has low odor and low volatility, and thus improves the working environment.


Initiator for water-based curing material

Examples:Film, adhesives, pressure sensitive adhesives, ink, electrolyte gel, medical hydrogel, paint

Initiator for various coatings

Examples:Film, optical materials, recording materials, electronic materials

Usage example

  • A functional coat with a high hydrophilicity can be formed.
  • Due to the high water solubility of the monomer and initiator, a coat solution can be prepared using water as a solvent.

Example of composition of Coat A

Name of raw material Compounding ratio (wt%)
Water soluble crosslinking agent (FOM-03006) 30
Water soluble monomer (FOM-03010) 67
Water soluble light radical initiator (FOM-03011) 3
Methanol 400

Usage example and physical characteristics of Coat A

  • Apply to PET substrate, dry (50°C/5 min), and then photocure (3 J/cm2)

※Lamp used: High pressure mercury lamp (Exposure is controlled as UV-A)

Coats evaluated Water contact angle (°)
PET alone 75
Coat A 35
Impregnate Coat A with water and dry 44

In evaluation of wettability by water contact angle showing affinity with water, Coat A exhibits high hydrophilicity with a low contact angle, and maintains the hydrophilicity even when it is re-dried after being impregnated with water.