Azo polymerization initiators


CAS : 61551-69-7

non-nitrile non-halogen water soluble

Plastics manufacturing


VA-086 is a non-ionic and non nitrile water-soluble azo polymerization initiator having a hydroxyl group at the end. The 10-hour half-life temperature is as high as 86 ºC, therefore, reduction of residual monomer can be expected by co-using it with another initiator.

  • Non-nitrile nonionic halogen-free azo initiator
  • Soluble in water, methanol or ethanol
  • Potential for introducing hydroxyl into terminal of polymer
  • 10 Hour half-life decomposition temperature: 86℃
Structural formula of 2,2'-Azobis[2-methyl-N-(2-hydroxyethyl)propionamide]
Chemical name 2,2'-Azobis[2-methyl-N-(2-hydroxyethyl)propionamide]
CAS RN® 61551-69-7
Molecular weight 288.35
Molecular formula C12H24N4O4

Physical characteristics

white - slightly yellow
crystalline powder
Melting point/freezing point 138-145(dec.) °C
10hour half-life decomposition temperature 86℃(in water)
Activation energy 104.8 kJ/mol
Frequency factor (ln A) 24.29

water, methanol : soluble.
chloroform : slightly soluble

SADT 100℃

*SADT: Self-accelerating decomposition temperature

Packaging & Storage conditions

Packaging 5kg / 500g
Storage conditions keep under 25℃

Related laws and regulations

TSCA Listed
EINECS (ELINCS 429-090-3)
REACH 01-0000017539-60-0000

Reducing of residual monomer using VA-086

Ingredient Parts by weight
Acrylamide 20
V-50 0.02
VA-086 Any quantity
Water 380

Temperature: 70゚C, 2h, then raise up to 90℃

Graph showing reduction of residual monomer by addition of VA-086

Residual monomer decreases with the addition of VA-086

Here, you can calculate the ‘residue rate’, ‘decomposition reaction time’, and ‘temperature during the decomposition reaction’ of azo polymerization initiators.

Image of Azo Residue Rate Calculation Tool