Polymer-related chemicals

How to select a Photo base generator?

PBG materials are largely classified into "Ionic type" and "Non-ionic type" by their structure.

  • Ionic-type PBG generates strong organic bases such as tertiary amines, amidines and guanidines. Ionic-type PBG materials are characterized by high reactivity with cross-linking agents and monomers.
  • Non-ionic type PBG materials generate primary and secondary amines and imidazoles, and are characterized by excellent stability and heat resistivity.

Select the most suitable products based on the type of generated base, solubility for resin (and solvent/diluent), stability as pot life, UV absorption wavelength, etc.

Ionic-type PBG

Non-ionic-type PBG

Typical organic base

Organic bases which are generated by UV irradiation have "nucleophilicity" and "basicity". These bases function as initiators to promote different reactions.

Classification of organic bases by basicity and nucleophilicity
*We do not necessarily line up all the bases described here.
*This chart shows only images, which do not express their accurate physical properties.